Invest in sustainable
African SMEs & Startups
Open for individual investors from 500€
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Our Mission
Connect African diaspora investors with impactful SMEs
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Our Solutions
Opening financing opportunities for impactful African SMEs and Startups
1. Partial guaranteed loans
guaranteed loans
To finance short-term working capital needs
(K€ 50 - K€ 250)
Entry ticket from 500€
2. Equity
To take part of the entrepreneurial dynamics and fuel growth (K€ 50 - K€ 500)
Entry ticket from 5,000€
How does it work ?
Fast onboarding of investor
Online subscription
Digitalized KYC
Discretionary investing
Selection of company
Transparency & Follow-up
Participation in SMEs review
Valuation & revenues reports
Dividend, interest, reimbursement and capital gains
Reporting and Account statement
Rigorous sourcing of deals
Through co-investment partnership with local actors
Direct sourcing AND OWN due diligences
Selection criteria
Two years administrative existence
Impact eligibility criteria
Financial analysis
Audit and Governance assessment
Reporting and communication
Monthly self reporting by SMEs
Monitoring by our analysts
Payments of revenues
Investment themes
Diversified portfolio of investments in SMEs in Africa
Financial Services
Consumer Goods
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We are always looking for new partners and investors to join us in our mission to support the growth of African SMEs.
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